rigid paper food packagings manufactured by Sonoco

Paper Containers

At Sonoco, we offer our customers the right rigid paper container that will work best with your products. Our paper containers are available in four diameters, with a variety of heights depending on your preference.

Our rigid paper packaging is designed with multiple layers to increase protection and keep the products fresh and in good condition. Additionally, Sonoco offers its customers customizable lids and membranes tailored to their specific product and marketing goals. 

 Dried Fruits & Nuts Packaging
Dried Fruits & Nuts Packaging
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Infant formula Packaging
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Sports Nutrition Packaging
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 Popcorn Packaging
Popcorn Packaging

Packaging Materials Sonoco Used for Food Packaging

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Paper and Cardboard

In recent decades, food packaging has become an essential element in food purchases. Selecting suitable materials for food packaging is crucial. The right food packaging material will determine if the food is packed with ease of transporting and storage and or will the flavor and freshness of the products be preserved. 

From the perspective of brands and businesses, suitable food packaging plays an important role as it preserves the products and allows the brand to stand out among the shelves with an excellent appearance. As we strive towards sustainability at Sonoco, our food packaging is made with biodegradable materials like paper and cardboard.

Paper and cardboard are mainly used for packaging dry foods like chips, ready-to-eat popcorn or products like granola and nuts. These materials are also typically used in corrugated boxes, milk cartons, folding cartons, paper plates and cups, bags and sacks, and wrapping paper.

Serving as one of the best food packaging suppliers in Malaysia, Sonoco is moving towards its sustainability commitments by paying particular attention to the environment. In fact, our paper cans are made from 100% recycled fibre and 85% post-consumer recycled content. 


Why Choose Paper Containers for Food Packaging

Sonoco paper can food packaging make up & materials

Paper container packaging is known for its high-efficiency for consumers. The round body and overcap combination also offers a great deal of functionality for consumers – it is portable, convenient and easy to open, reclose and store. With a shelf presence designed to engage, paper containers stand out as unique and appealing on a supermarket shelf full of bags and boxes.

Safe for the Environment 

Made from biodegradable materials, the usage of paper-based packaging will help support our commitments at Sonoco in creating a more sustainable, healthy, and safe environment for the community as a whole. 

Protection & Transportation

Paper packaging is known to provide convenience with its ease of transportation and storage. Additionally, Sonoco’s rigid paper containers offer our customers the ultimate protection of the products, ensuring their freshness and quality are in tact. 

Top-Shelf Solution

Most importantly, from the brand and business perspective, paper packaging at Sonoco provides its customers a top-shelf solution that will stand out among the crowded shelf with its attractive and practical designs.

How To Choose Safe Food Packaging

There are various types of packaging to choose from, but the best kind of packaging is the one that goes well with your products. Remember, not all food packaging are the same, each comes with its own benefits and downsides to consider from. 


When determining the right food packaging for your products, there are three things to ponder upon: 

  1. The packaging should keep your specific food product safe and fresh
  2. It should be eye-catching to consumers 
  3. The packaging is environmentally-friendly to reduce carbon footprint  


After all, they vary by specific properties, which are determined by:

  • Material
  • Design
  • The type of food being packaged
  • Shelf-life
  • Environmental conditions
  • Ease of use and disposal
  • Cost related factors


In other words, every food packaging material has its traits. Some specific foods are likely to fit in better with a certain packaging type.


Why Sonoco is the Leading Food Packaging Supplier in Malaysia

At Sonoco, we believe People Build Businesses by Doing the Right Thing. This principle guides all our actions. We recognize the critical importance of developing sustainable packaging solutions that will protect and preserve our planet for future generations.

We bring more to packaging than just the package. As a global packaging solutions leader, we understand the importance of getting the right food packaging that stands out in the crowd, provides consumers with convenience while preserving the freshness of the products all at an affordable price.

Learn more about our products at Sonoco and share your contact information for our team to help you get the right food packaging for your brand and business.