Popcorn Packaging Comes in Three Generic Types

Flexible Popcorn Packaging

1. Flexible Packaging

Bags, pouches, carded packaging, tubes, films, etc. is popular for the following reasons:

  • Lightweight: This makes transportation easy and cheaper.
  • Convenience: Offers zippers, taps, spouts, etc. 
  • Modifiable: It is customizable depending on your brand and preferences.
  • Cheap: Cost saving for both manufacturers and consumers.


The Major Drawbacks are:

  • Crushable: Storage and delivery require more care due to the soft packing which offers no protection to your precious popcorn.
  • No Presence: Unlike a rigid paper container, flexible packaging’s advantage is also its biggest disadvantage, as there is no presence or premium sense when it comes to handling or displaying this type of packaging.


Paper Canister Packaging

2. Paper Canister Packaging

Paper Can have the following features and benefits that make them favourable: 

  • Durability:  paper cans have a rigid structure and come with anti-crush capabilities, which is designed to keep your popcorn fresh and protected.
  • Customisable: Paper cans are manufactured in various heights, diameters and closures to fit your operational and marketing needs. 
  • Space-saving: Paper cans are stackable, making them easy to pack, ship & display on retail shelves.
  • Eco-friendly: Paper cans come with lidding and closure options that create a hermetically sealed package, ensuring your product maintains its integrity throughout the distribution cycle.

Cardboard Packaging

3. Cardboard Packaging

This is more a novelty than a practical choice. Cardboard boxes are primarily suitable for on-the-spot popcorn enjoyment while still fresh out of the oven. Malaysia popcorn lovers will all be familiar with cinemas offering popcorn boxes. 

Why Popcorn Lovers Prefer SONOCO's Popcorn Packaging

Sonoco's integrated packaging solutions help define brand personalities, create unique customer experiences and enhance the quality of products and life for people around the world. Sonoco has been around for more than 100 years and it has proven to provide successful packaging solutions to Malaysian consumers in the market. 

After all, Sonoco lives by the purpose of Better Packaging. Better Life.

Sonoco's Popcorn Packaging

1. Paper Cans Stand Tall, so Your Brand Stands Out at Retail

This iconic packaging design offers a premium look to your brand. Your logo can be seen from all angles on the shelves - it wraps around in 360 degrees, allowing it to be seen from all sides on a shelf. 

A well-designed popcorn packaging is a popcorn brand manager's greatest tool to engage the popcorn lover in all of us.

Sonoco has paper canisters in 4 main diameters

2. Variety of Heights, Diameters and Closures

With 4 diameters to choose from and customizable height options, you can easily control your snack portion & servings. 

Trust our team of professionals to seamlessly customize your popcorn packaging with functional and specialty closures. Our easy open ends deliver convenience to consumers as they are easy to open and no can opener is needed. 

SONOCO popcorn packaging is easy to hold, store, open

3. It Is Easy to Hold, Store, Open & Reclose Paper Can

Easy to Hold & Open

Consumers generally prefer paper canisters over bags or pouches because it is easy to hold. Whether you're having a snack on the go or eating popcorn while watching TV, a rigid paper can is unlikely to spill when casually placed over a flat surface.

It's also easier to pour your snacks out little by little when the paper container opening is rigid with a narrow opening.

You can choose to have the paper can sealed with a peelable membrane, making it a breeze to open. There is no need to look for scissors to keep the cut neat for resealing later!

Easy to Store & Reclose

Popcorn in paper can packaging brings huge convenience to consumers, whether they are on the go or enjoying the snack in multiple servings. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the popcorn at your own pace without having to worry it will lose its freshness. Paper cans are resealable with its lid, so consumers do not need to worry about repackaging after opening.  It also means that they do not need to find another container or bag to store the leftovers. 

Popcorn Freshness & Crunchiness

4. Preserve Popcorn Freshness & Crunchiness

Paper cans also excel in providing physical protection for your popcorn. They ensure your popcorn quality remains before and after it is opened, and it will be ready to consume again anytime for your next movie.

People Build Businesses by Doing the Right Thing. 

This principle guides all our actions, and we take proactive steps to lessen our impact on the environment. In Malaysia, Sonoco is proud to serve our customers all the way from Sungai Buloh.

Our Sungai Buloh plant was recently awarded the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) Certification, achieved by conducting responsible forestation practices. The FSC Certification continues to solidify Sonoco's practices in employing sustainable forestation to meet the needs of the present without compromising the future generation’s quality of life. 

The Best Popcorn Packaging Supplier for all Popcorn Lovers 

At Sonoco, we pride ourselves as a global packaging company with more than 300 operations in 34 countries. With more than 120 years in the packaging business, Sonoco positions itself as one of the leaders and key innovators in the packaging industry.

Talk to us today to learn more about how we can help drive sales and deliver quality packaging to your product! Get in touch and we’ll be sure to recommend the best food packaging that's right for your business and customers.