Composite Can Packaging

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As a leading manufacturer, our packaging ensures that your products are fresh and protected.  Our packaging will also help your product stand out to consumers amid crowded store shelves. Also known as rigid or paper containers, our composite can packaging prioritizes resealability, convenient storage, and ease of opening. 

Our composite can packaging consists of a top closure, underside membrane, recycled paperboard body, and bottom closure. The top closure on our rigid paper cans has an easy-to-reseal plastic overcap. The plastic overcap ranges from transparent, coloured, and embossed. 

Next comes our underside membrane that is easy to peel. This function preserves product freshness. Besides a peelable membrane, you can also add an easy to open, and rigid aluminium peel to provide an extra seal on the can packaging.  

As we strive to improve the community's quality of life, our rigid packaging body is made up of recycled paper. The recycled fibre content and structural rigidity of the body is designed for impact and crush-resistance. Lastly, our aluminium, easy to open ends are added for bottom closure.

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Benefits of Paper Can Packaging

Composite can packaging is useful for consumers as it provides resealability, convenient storage, and ease of opening. Composite cans are excellent at delivering physical protection for delicate foods and maintaining freshness, both before and after the container is opened.

Our paper container can be manufactured in almost any shape or size to cater to the needs of your brand and product. Besides, our paper packaging's extensive ranges can meet your specific requirements across various markets and through numerous promotions or size changes.

Why Choose Sonoco Asia?

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If you are currently looking for an iconic and functional packaging that stands out in the crowd, our paper can packaging is the right solution to your search. Our top priority is delivering the best can packaging revolves around brand personality, product freshness, quality, and proper protection at an affordable cost. 

Learn more about our products, and our corporate responsibility initiatives to provide sustainability in the community. Essentially, you can drop us your contact information and our team of committed experts will get back to you on the services that we offer.