What is Paper Tube Packaging?

best paper tube packaging in Malaysia

Also known as a can or paper tube, this type of packaging can be used for many purposes. From storing delicate and dry foods like chips, coffee grounds, and powdered beverages, a paper tube packaging has a variety of sizes in height and diameter that will allow your brand to have a significant presence on the retail shelf. 

At Sonoco, we have a patented radial crush tester that measures paper cores’ radial strength by simulating the winding processes' pressures. This process will allow us to ensure that products kept in our tube packaging are safe from crushing so to preserve its quality. 

Most importantly, we care about sustainability. Our tube packaging body is made from recycled and biodegradable materials.  

Benefits of Paper Tube Packaging

sample paper tube packaging

There are numerous benefits of using a paper tube or cardboard packaging. Among the many advantages present are its resealability, convenient storage, and ease of opening.

Besides, as this tube packaging is made of composite fibre, it provides physical protection for delicate foods and maintains freshness, both before and after the container is opened.

To further benefit your brand and your product, our paper tube packaging can be manufactured in almost any shape or size: tall and skinny, short and broad, or wide-mouthed like a coffee can, efficiently meeting your specific requirements across various markets and through numerous promotions or size changes. 

To complete your packaging solution and further customise the can, we offer various functional and speciality closures that provide security and tamper evidence. Additionally, it is very lightweight, easy to carry, and transport since it is made of paper.

In terms of transportation, cardboard packaging is also very durable, making it the best packaging material. It helps prevent moisture from infiltrating the product, which is an essential factor for preserving the products’ freshness.

Our Types of Tube Packaging

Sonoco Asia offers paper can with four main diameters, 68mm, 73mm, 99mm, and 130mm, with a variety of heights depending on your preference. We also have customised features that consist of various types of overcaps, end caps, and peelable membrane closures that will meet your products’ requirements. 

As a proud member of the Sonoco Family, we are pleased to be your partner in delivering an end-to-end solution for your brand. Feel free to reach our dedicated team and us for our assistance to ensure your products are in the right packaging.