The copper foil market is growing. You need a packaging partner who can help.

The copper foil market is growing. You need a packaging partner who can help.

Driven by advances in digital technology, the global demand for copper foil is growing. For example, the global 5G services market is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of almost 44% from 2021 to 2027. Internet usage is rapidly increasing, influencing purchases of mobile devices, laptops, tablets and computers. Also, electronic vehicles are in growing demand. More electronic vehicles means a need for lithium-ion batteries, another product relying on copper foil. As demand for copper foil increases, producers need packaging to protect their product and increase productivity and profitability. Sonoco can help.

Putting an end to productivity loss and high purchasing costs of film cores

When winding a product as valuable and sensitive as copper foil, the margin of error is low. You need a core that is affordable, reliable and improves your productivity and profitability. That’s why we specifically developed our new CopperSelect™ core for copper foil applications. Our new core eliminates print transfer problems and costly wrinkles that can occur when using other types of cores, including plastic or fiber reinforced plastic cores. Those kinds of failures reduce productivity and increase production costs, and that’s especially unfortunate when you are already paying a premium price for these types of cores. While other paper cores may offer a lower price, they also deliver lower performance that costs suppliers money.

As the copper foil industry moves to a thinner gauge, from 9 to 6 microns or thinner, the majority of cores in the market are not equipped to handle this downgauging. Many cores only fit 9 micron and above copper foil applications. Plastic cores can be 2-3X more expensive than a paper core, and they only work with 12 microns plus applications. Fiber reinforced plastic cores can be anywhere from 8-10X more expensive than paper cores. Our CopperSelect for copper foil applications is equipped to handle downgauging and at a reasonable price.

Finally, a paper core that outperforms plastic and fiber reinforced plastic cores

Sonoco pioneered the production of paper cores more than 120 years ago. Our high-performance film cores remain the industry standard in product protection and productivity. These highly engineered cores use the latest innovations in core production, feature a range of surface markings, and improve winding and unwinding characteristics to optimize performance. Our cores are release coated and noted for their exceptional geometry. They also have optimal concentricity characteristics, making them a competitive alternative to metallic or plastic cores.

Our CopperSelect core supports an automatic flying splice without any pressure-sensitive adhesives or adhesive tape. This core uses a blunt surface, which makes glue unnecessary and allows residue-free unwinding of your films and foils right to the last centimeter. As winding speeds increase, our expertly designed cores dissipate radial pressures, protect internal diameter integrity, and reduce core length growth. Manufacturers are able to improve manufacturing processes and reduce costs from waste.

Sustainability increases profitability.

In addition to the gains from increased productivity and reduced purchase price, using our CopperSelect core also delivers savings connected to sustainability. Since our cores are made of fiber, they don’t have to be reclaimed and shipped back. We eliminate the time and expense associated with reverse logistics. In addition, we have a positive beginning of life story because our cores are made from 100% recycled paper and other auxiliary materials use environmentally friendly or water-soluable ingredients which are the best solution under carbon credit and tariffs.

Performance by the numbers

  • A start-up winding rate of better than 99% reduces downtime, changeover time, lost labor hours, and foil scrap.
  • Consistent quality with CPK close to 1.67
  • With 10-15 microns surface waviness, our core matches the attributes of a plastic or fiber reinforced plastic core.
  • We have precision-controlled straightness under 0.1 millimeters, which equals a fiber reinforced plastic core and exceeds tolerances of a standard plastic core.
  • Our roundness variation is less than 0.03 millimeters.
  • Core surface is waterproof.
  • Certified for clean room environments